What is CSA?
Never heard of a CSA before? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Traditionally, a CSA is a mutually beneficial way for local farmers and community members to help one another. Participating members from the community benefit by receiving local, naturally produced, and therefore the freshest and most longest lasting, produce. While the Farmer receives consistent monetary support through the community member’s continued CSA subscription. The farmer can then grow a calculated amount of food to meet the needs of the community. This in turn, limits food waste and prevents the miscalculation of needed product. As well as promotes greater food security in our county and province, preserves farm land, and promotes greater bio-diversity! It is a win-win! Our members experience peace of mind knowing that they are guaranteed a share of safely produced vegetables.

Are all of the vegetables grown on your farm?
No, I will be sourcing the following vegetables from other local farms:

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Garlic, Garlic Scapes, and Squashes.

I am sourcing these vegetables from other farmers, because most of them have a longer days to maturity date, and due to the attention to detail and greenhouse infrastructure that many require to grow successfully on a large scale. These vegetables are locally sourced from organic vegetable farmers in Huron-Kinloss and Kincardine Townships.

Are the vegetables organic?
Yes, both the vegetables I grow on the farm and the vegetables I will be sourcing from other local farmers are grown using organic practises. I do not use synthetic fungicides, pesticides or herbicides. I do purchase organic as well as conventional seeds, all seeds being untreated. All of the vegetables in the Greens Subscription Weekly Shares will be grown this way.

Additional vegetables, fruit and herbs grown by other local farmers while be available to purchase for all Subscribers, whether Pick-Up or Home Delivery. I will transparent about what is conventionally grown and what is organically grown, when offering these items.

What would I expect to receive for a typical weekly box?
Here are a couple seasonal examples. Keep in mind that as the season changes, so will the contents:

1) 1 lb Spring Salad Mix, 1/2 lb Spinach, 1 bunch Radish, 1 pint Snap Peas, 1 bunch Salad Turnip, 1 bunch Green Onion
2) 1 Lettuce Head, 1 lb Arugula, 1 bunch Kale, 1 bunch Carrots, 2 Tomatoes, 1 Cucumber

Can I share a Subscription with another friend or family?
Yes, for sure! One way you can do this is split a Greens Subscription with another family or person and alternate the weeks each of you pick it up. You can share one Greens Subscription with as many people as you like, it would be up to you to coordinate with each other who is picking up the box each week.

Can I purchase two Greens Subscriptions?
Yes, you can! Example would be if you have a large family or would like to purchase a Subscription for someone as a gift.

Are you offering different sized or customizable subscription?
I will be offering ONE standard subscription size for the 2020 Season, available weekly and bi-weekly, aptly named the ‘Weekly Subscription” and ‘Bi-Weekly Subscription’. Offering one standard subscription size each week will allow me to streamline my planting and harvesting planning for the season and I have chosen a quantity that I think will work great for most households!

I will NOT be offering customizable subscriptions for the 2020 Season.

Can I opt out of a week or two during the season?
No. In order to keep everything simple and straightforward on my end, as well as eliminate labour and food waste, every subscriber will receive every share that they signed up for.

Will the vegetables be dirty or washed?
Everything will be washed and clean, bagged or bunched if needed, and ready to prepare for a meal. Just as you would rinse vegetables bought at a store or market, it is wise to do so with these vegetables as well.

How do I follow along with what is going on at the farm this year and how will you inform me of anything I need to know throughout the season?
The farm has a Facebook Page and Instagram Account that I will be posting content to regularly throughout the season. I will also send out a short, succinct weekly newsletter by email to all Subscribers throughout the season to keep you updated and entertained, general notes from the field, recipes, that sort of thing.