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My name is Andrew Courtney and I am the owner and manager of a still, small farm, 2 acres of Perth County earth dedicated to growing organic vegetables. My focus is salad crops, greens and veggies that are commonly used to make salads. I grow intensively, using permanent beds with walking machinery and hand tools, no compaction and low tillage. My aim is to grow nutritious and flavourful vegetables while at the same time continually improve the biological life in the soil.

With the Salad Subscription, my goal is to offer the bounty of the farm entirely to the immediate local community, negating the need for wholesaling, middlemen or long distance sales. Consider signing up for a Salad Subscription and joining with me for the 2018 season to model a farmer-consumer relationship of neighbourly accountability.  A union that proves ‘better, not bigger” can actually work.

And quite frankly, imported California mesclun mix has next to no taste. Once you’ve eaten freshly harvested and local, you won’t want to go back!



Purchasing a subscription provides you with a weekly box of organically grown, freshly harvested, nutrient dense greens and vegetables, focusing on items you would use in salads. Every Friday, your salad box is conveniently delivered to your home at no extra charge! The season is 20 weeks long and each weekly box costs $20, bringing the salad subscription total to $400.


Your spot is officially held once I receive your first payment. There are 2 payment plan options:


Pay with cash, a cheque or by e-transfer: $400


Pay with cash, cheque(s) or e-transfer(s): $100 Deposit due at signup.
3 remaining $100 payments due on June 29th, August 3rd and August 31st.


You should read the Details and FAQ. Then fill out the Sign Up Form.

Details and FAQ

When does the Salad Subscription begin and end?

The 2018 Season is 20 continuous weeks of deliveries that begins on Friday, June 22 and ends on Friday, November 2.

What are you growing at the farm this year?

GREENS : Salad Greens, (Lettuces, Mustards, Spinach, Beet, Arugula, Kale, Tatsoi, Nasturtium, etc.), Lettuce Heads, Kale, Swiss Chard, Sunflower and Pea Shoots

VEGGIES : Cherry Tomatoes, Tomato, Cucumber, Sweet Pepper, Snap Peas, Green Beans, Green Onion, Carrot, Beet, Turnip, Radish, Zucchini, Mini Broccoli, Bok Choy, Garlic, Garlic Scapes

Weekly Salad Box Value Breakdown:

$11 GREENS + $6 VEGGIES + $3 DELIVERY = $20

Each weekly box will have 2-3 Greens items and 3 Veggies items.

If I opened my Salad Box, what would I expect to find?

Here are a couple seasonal examples. Keep in mind that as the season changes, so will the contents.

1. 405g Spring Salad Mix, 2 Lettuce Heads, 1 bunch Radish, 115g Snap Peas, 1 bunch Green Onion

2. 255g Spinach, 150g Arugula, 1 bunch Kale, 1 bunch Carrots, 1 pint Cherry Tomato, 1 Cucumber 


Are you offering different sized subscriptions?

I will be offering ONE standard subscription size for the 2018 Season.
Offering one standard share will allow me to streamline my planning and harvest for the Salad Subscription, and I’ve landed on a size that we think will work great for most households!
This share size allows me to showcase the bounty & variety of the fields without overwhelming you with too many unknown veggies.

How many salads will each weekly box make?

Each weekly box will contain enough greens and vegetables to make at least 5 full sized salads. You do not need to make salads out of the contents, many of the items, like the beans, carrots and beets, go well in other meal plans.


Will the vegetables be dirty or washed?

If the salad greens are very clean I may choose not to wash them, but for the most part all produce will be washed. I suggest that you rinse your veggies before consuming them. All the contents are cleaned vegetables in their raw state. This is a service for people who want to create their own salads (this is not a prepared meal subscription).

How do I pay?

You can pay by e-transfer, cheque or cash.

E-transfers can be sent to: info@stillsmallfarm.com

Cheques can be made out to: “a still, small farm”

Cash and cheques can be mailed to:

a still, small farm

4819 Road 135

Gads Hill, Ontario

N0K 1J0


When do I need to pay and why would I pay the full amount upfront?

A $100 deposit payment or the full $400 payment is required right away to ‘officially’ add you to the subscriber list. The more subscribers that pay the full amount upfront, the easier it is for me, as the farmer, to run the farm as I can devote my attention to purchases and field work instead of collecting payments. Much of the operating costs, besides labour, are accumulated before the season begins.

I’ve paid my $100 deposit, how do I make the final 3 payments?

The final 3 payments of $100 are made on these Friday delivery dates: June 29th, August 3rd and August 31st. If paying by e-transfer please remember to pay on these dates. If paying by cash or cheque please leave the $100 payment in an envelope inside of your box. I will send an email reminder to subscribers several days before each payment date.

How much does home delivery cost?

I have valued each home delivery at $3.00 per week and this is included in the cost of the box. There is no additional delivery fee.

When will I receive my share box each week?

Your box will be delivered on Fridays, between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. There will be over 200 deliveries made during the day, so once the entire delivery map and order is established, you should be receiving your box at the same time each week.

Where will you leave the box?

You will need to provide me with an ideal location to leave your box. The location should be out of the sun and sheltered. A front porch or inside a garage door are a couple examples.

What do I do with the empty box each week?

Please bring the box indoors for the week, if the boxes are exposed to sun over the course of the season they can become brittle and crack.
You will need to leave the previous week’s empty box out for the deliverer to switch with the current week’s box. I will have some extra boxes in the case that members forget to leave out their empty box.


What if I lose or break a box?

If you lose or break a box or lid, I will require that you pay a $9.00 replacement fee.

Can I opt out of a week or two during the season if I will be away?

No. In order to keep everything simple and straightforward on my end, every member will receive a box every week. If you are going to be away, please arrange for a family member or friend to pick up your box at your home.

Can I ask for specific items in my box? Are the boxes customizable?

No. I am planning on growing a nice variety of salad greens and complimentary salad vegetables, but to offer customization is very difficult to plan for in the garden for so many subscribers.

Who is the Salad Subscription available to? Where will you deliver to?

This program is available to anyone living in Stratford, Milverton and Sebringville, including the rural areas marked in the map below. I will deliver to every subscriber in this area.

Are you organic?

Yes. I grow using organic methods and do not use synthetic fungicides, pesticides or herbicides. I use organic compost and fertilizers for compost teas. I am not certified organic as my farm is too small to warrant the extra cost and time. I am rather focusing on selling directly to the consumer and welcome all members to visit and ask questions and “certify the garden for themselves”.

Can you describe how you grow?

I grow intensively using permanent beds and permanent raised beds requiring minimal tillage and leaving foot traffic compaction on aisles along the growing beds. I do not use a large, heavy tractor or rely on large amounts of fuel. I use a walking tractor and other small hand held tools. My farming philosophy is learning how to yield flavourful and nutrient dense produce by growing the soil I farm on. I apply compost and compost teas to build the soil. I am still learning and am thankful that there is a resourceful and energetic community of fellow small acreage growers that are willing to openly and freely share their successes and failures in how to sustain their land and businesses and lifestyles.

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Andrew Courtney, farmer